Pigford, Blaxploitation, And Breitbart

Another Attorney Making $M off of Pigford.
Another Attorney Making $M off of Pigford.

If you ever live long enough, there will be a certain sad series of events that will happen to every man. It’s something far worse than having to hang up your favorite pair of rugby cleats and it’s nothing you can take a GNC testosterone pill to delude yourself about reversing. One of these days your parents will become so helpless that you will have to look after them in the same way they looked after you when you still wore diapers. My father had this happen to him and it got so bad that it nearly destroyed his marriage. He grew up in Surry County, VA. His mother stayed there and never willingly drove more than fifty miles away. She was simple, honest and totally unprepared to deal with senility, widow-hood and the dishonest sharks who will drive forth into the country to callously prey on the elderly widows who are losing it one day at a time.


Surry, and several rural, Southern counties like it have a large concentration of African-Americans who farm for a living. They are poorer, less well-educated and less politically savvy than people from urban areas or who grow up in wealthier homes. Older members of this demographic still remember what Jim Crow Laws were from having actually lived under them. Thus, they were the ideal target for the Great American Grievance Industry. They were preyed upon by the Pigford Grievance Farmers. They were used by a detestable core of professional activists and litigators to steal money from the American taxpayer. These people took advantage of this group of farmers the same way disingenuous insurance-peddlers used to take money away from my Dear, Old Grandmother. It was Blaxploitation worthy of a 1970’s Hollywood movie

Andrew Breitbart first discovered this evil scheme through his coverage of the Shirley Sherrod firing. It became like a macramé sweater caught on a fence. The more that unraveled, the more revolting the whole thing became.

The Pigford case began innocently and under just pretext. An activist lawyer named Al Pires discovered what many consider legitimate instances of African-American farming families being defrauded and pushed around by The USDA. Initially, 91 farmers who were, poor, disadvantaged and genuinely incapable of defending themselves were represented in a 1997 Federal Lawsuit (Pigford v. Glickman). The Ney York Times documents how this honorable effort to redress genuine injustice got co-opted by the diversity parasites and turned into Operation Rip-Off.


The compensation effort sprang from a desire to redress what the government and a federal judge agreed was a painful legacy of bias against African-Americans by the Agriculture Department. But an examination by The New York Times shows that it became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees. In the past five years, it has grown to encompass a second group of African-Americans as well as Hispanic, female and Native American farmers. In all, more than 90,000 people have filed claims. The total cost could top $4.4 billion.

But come on, Repair_Man_Jack, haven’t you ever watched an “Eyes on The Prize” documentary on PBS? Don’t you know how selfless organizations like SPLC truly are? It’s about the idealism, Man. It’s about the cause!

No, sadly it’s just because. Detestable perverts like Senator Menendez (!D!-NJ) have hopped aboard the Pigford gravy train for the same reason Genghis Khan impregnated women all across the Asian Steppes. They do it because they can, and Executive Branch officials such as Eric Holder and Tom Vilsack are doing all that they can to enable this waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayer largesse.

To see clearly the extent to which this has morphed from being about Justice to being about Justus; now that women (of the Causasian Persuasion even!), Native Americans and Hispanics are making it pay off like favorably rigged slot machine, The Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association Is.Not.Happy.


BFAA, Inc. has alleged all along that, among other things, USDA, the lawyers[2] paid by USDA to represent Black farmers and even the District Court, have allowed these farmers to be subjected and caused to be subjected to the same racial discrimination by the USDA — during the compensation phase for racial discrimination — for which the very lawsuits were designed to correct in the first place — nothing has changed. Other minority farming groups (Native and Hispanic Americans as well as women (White women and their “husbands”)) are all receiving better treatment, more money and others benefits — from their lawsuits against USDA — than Black farmers and their heirs are receiving from the same legal proceedings.

For the soul-sucking jerks infesting the American Legal System, this is grist for the greed mill. We’ve got more plaintiffs by an order of magnitude than we do African-American farmers.

A GAO report from December 2012 revealed that, by statute, the (USDA) was effectively not allowed to try to confirm the veracity of applicants’ information. Thus a country with just 18,000 black farmers — 2,000–3,000 of whom had loans — yielded over 100,000 plaintiffs. Twenty years after he started, Pires’s work had paid off. He alone made at least $10 million.

And it gets more corrupt and oleaginous yet:

Morgan’s business instincts, as ever, were spot-on. The venture was so successful that lead attorney Greg Francis was quickly moved up to “partner and stockholder” purely on the basis of his work on the case. In a surreal twist, Morgan and Morgan also obtained the services of Mike Espy, the former Clinton-era USDA secretary. Thus, America was treated to the sight of a former secretary of agriculture representing litigants who were suing the Department of Agriculture for discriminatory practices executed while their lawyer was in charge of it.


Meanwhile, the poor black farmers in places like Surry, VA remain poor and black. According to the SOL report card, only 43% of the Black Third-Graders pass math. Maybe that explains why Al Pires has personally raked in $10M, while the best anyone who is black and owned a farm will ever do is $50K.

Like the Blaxploitation films of the 1970’s, Shaft has stuck it to the man. It’s just that the men getting stuck with it are not the rich, evil men who have turned Pigford into a personal trough. It reminds me of my poor Grandmother. She was alone, behind the times, out there in the rural Hinterland and always getting cold-called by another scam artist. It’s really pathetic when these scam artists are among the highest ranking officials in the USG. Congratulations Amerika – this is what you are becoming more of each and every day.


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