Not What If, What Next Part III – Breaking The 4th Seal

7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.….


Revelation (6:7-8)-King James Version

In part I of this series I discussed the existence of a liberal absorbing state. Therein voters become dependent upon government and will always vote for the system that generates more thereof. They feel they have no choice and as long as the equilibrium obtains, they will continue to vote for more government as a method of self-preservation.

One possible method of dealing with this sort of a world is to accept temporary setbacks while pitching handfuls of sand into the gears of the liberal generation machine wherever possible. This so-called Fabian Strategy was described in Part II. It involved forcing the Democrats to accept ownership for ObamaCare and The Fiscal Cliff, while denying them in total what Ayn Rand once described as the Sanction of The Victim. Yet it potentially runs afoul of the sheer fecklessness and single-mindedness of our opposition.

What can you do about someone who owns an issue but feels absolutely zero sense of responsibility to anyone whom it causes harm? Brett Stevens of describes what results below.

In short, demagoguery arises from democracy. At that point, the winner will buy out the voters. Don’t come up with a long-term plan; offer each identifiable group an identifiable bone so they know you’ll give them something. This isn’t voting as duty, it’s trading votes for promises. The hidden Achilles Heel is that these unrealistic promises tend to distribute the wealth, power and authority needed to make important decisions, and as such both paralyze the nation and reduce the function and thus value of its economy.


I guess I’m a step or two on the road to joining the Alternative Right. Stevens then goes on to suggest what I’m about to suggest. When the system becomes irredeemably corrupt, then !BOOM! Must go the dynamite. In his post today, he stipulates the following platform plank for American Conservatism.

Smash the entitlement state. Make it a cornerstone of our platform: we don’t want a Soviet-style system or even a European socialist one where everyone is guaranteed something, and thus there’s no incentive to perform and paralytic high internal costs. We want a system that rewards performance and can move quickly.

Like all platform planks, this one must be translated down to street-level reality so that comprehensive, measureable action can be taken to implement the intended results. It starts in the House of Representatives and continues all the way down to the man on the street. Here’s how we can make a major start on blowing up the modern American Leftism Machine.

Demand that the House to do the following.

1) Pass a budget that totally allows the US to go off the Fiscal Cliff. Remind President Obama that he and they made a deal that they intend to honor to the letter as a show of good faith and bipartisan agreement that all Americans should emulate in current and parlous predicament.


2) Refuse a continuing resolution until the US Senate does likewise. Remind them that bipartisanship is always a two-way street and the US Senate does have a professional responsibility with respect to the Federal budget process.

3) When the Senate self-righteously and arrogantly refuses, refuse to raise the debt ceiling, citing the fact that it is irresponsible to issue more debt when you have no coherent statement as to how those funds are intended to be spent.

4) When Barack Obama rails against them, remind him firmly, yet politely that the House has passed a budget and stands more than willing to work with the US Senate anytime they choose to actually fulfill their legal and Constitutional obligations.

The man on the street should do as many already are. Do not hire full-time help unless you absolutely have to. Do not invest in securities that are taxable unless they are far and away the best option for future returns. Obey the law, remain pacifist towards your neighbors, but engage in no action that unnecessarily funds the Federal Government. Make them loot another target to fund the continuing entitlements. They will eventually be unable to afford it and will have to scale back and break promises.


When the promises of a free lunch become constrained, limited and eventually untenable, the simple faith an increasing share of the electorate puts in liberalism will be destroyed by hard reality. Then, we can restructure American Society in a way so that parasitism is discouraged and hard work and sound civic responsibility is by necessity inculcated into the fiber of our next generation. Until then let loose the Pale Rider.


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