Altitude And Distance Vs. Street-Level Reality On Libya

Two women from two different perspectives have divergent points of view on why the attack of the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya has remained news. One woman, Obama’s Mouth of Sauron, Stephanie Cutter, approaches the issue from altitude and distance. Another woman, the mother of the now departed Sean Smith, wants to know how her son died, and why the US Government doesn’t give her answers. The contrast is telling. It tells us just how far away the Obama Administration is from the actual concerns of the Little Guy they so piously claim to serve and defend.


Jeff Emanuel gave Red State readers a good description of Stephanie Cutter’s spin. The spin shows an obdurate lack of basic human empathy for the dead. It shows just how utterly self-preservationist the administration has been concerning the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi Libya. Cutter is shown below claiming the issue only has traction because Mitt Romney is exploiting it.

Stop talking about this, pace Stephanie Cutter, and the problem disappears. If you buy Cutter’s deracinated spin-job you can only assume our dead State Department personnel will all get up and start doing the Tennessee Waltz once people stop being critical of the benevolent state. The refusal of our administration to protect these people and its unwillingness to properly soul-search over their regrettable demise is not a problem. Mitt Romney’ criticism of Barack Obama’s foreign policy is the problem. The deaths in Benghazi were bumps in the road. Stephanie Cutter is the Obama Administration shock-absorber. Perhaps that puts her conveniently underneath the bus.


Pat Smith, Sean Smith’s afore-mentioned mother, perhaps unwittingly echoes a Mitt Romney campaign slogan. She deserves better, and demands it with regards to how her son died.

“I want to know. I want to know what happened,” says Smith. “I told everybody that’ll listen to me. I told them, I want to be told, I want to know exactly what happened. … Tell me the truth.”
Smith adds, “Our country is looking stupid in front of the world because of things like this. We have no [security] protection.”

On the last part of the quote, Mrs. Smith and Cutter agree. We do look stupid. Smith thinks we look stupid because we fail to take care of our people. That frames the issue for a grieving mother bereft of her son. Cutter is merely upset because we look stupid. If people would just stop looking, the problem would be solved.

So Pat Smith wants answers, and our corrupt and condescending administration sends in the rodeo clowns. Moving the polls two points matters far more than some crazy woman who can’t get over her son. To the Stephanie Cutters in charge at Versailles upon Potomac, Sean Smith was a pawn. Pawns get rooked. From altitude and distance the Game of Thrones overdetermines petty squabbles and plaints from the underlings. Beyond the implications for foreign policy and the War on Terror, this entire sordid example reminds how far we’ve descended from the days our republic was governed by the people instead of at the people.



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