The Emperor Needs A New Diaper

Vero Possumus!

I like and appreciate both Moe Lane and Leon Wolf. I’ve been rewarded vastly beyond my limited abilities getting to front page on this blog with them both. However, they’ve each made a serious error in judgment this week which I’ll hopefully rectify in today’s issue of Repair_Man_Jack.


Leon and Moe have both weighed in on Admiral Obama’s reckless sortie athwart the iniquitous US Supreme Court. Leon harkens back to the old USSC decision Marbury v. Madison, and claims our Commander-In-Chef slept through that one in High School Government Class just like the rest of us working stiffs. (Never you naysayers mind that he was snoring away in The Punahou Academy). Or even that he dozed through it a 2nd time in Jolly Old Harvard Law.

Moe then totally over-analyzes the situation. He suggests the President has simply overlooked Federalist #78. Just tell him Alexander “Rip” Hamilton wrote it, and His C-In-Cness will have it knocked out before lunch. Not to disillusion Mr. Lane; but I seriously doubt that our president is aware that the Marbury in Marbury v. Madison, is not the same Marbury that plays Guard for The Beijing Ducks these days.

Athwart Mr. Wolf and Mr. Lane, I posit that Mr. Obama’s reaction to what his attorney Elena Kagan told him yesterday was not a high-minded legal theory session. It was something our president should have gotten spanked out of his system by the time he turned six. It seems he is privy to at least partial information that the highest court in the land does not hold a favorable opinion with respect to the constitutionality of The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act. This was not the outcome Mr. Obama had in mind when he acquired the services of Elena Kagan. As a result, he threw a Presidential Temper-tantrum.


Barack Obama does not have a coherent state of mind about how this entire courtroom drama over his healthcare reform has turned out. It could be the first time in his life that he has ever heard the Deplorable Word “No.” The man is older than 40 and has never been told once that he should like it or lump it. So of course he yells at the Supreme Court. Like every other aspect of the US Government, they exist to keep Barack Obama happy and make him look good.

When President Obama got his healthcare law enacted in 2009, it was supposed to be “settled science.” Emperor Obama had issued his decree. The United States Supreme Court seems perched on the edge of teaching Emperor Obama a very painful lesson in Constitutional law. The lecture could be entitled “Judicial Review and It’s Vital Role In The American Checks-and-Balances System.” Thus, the Emperor needs a new diaper. He is not happy. He is about to learn that the Presidency is not his personal Disneyland.

All of this causes me to pity* President Obama. He is actually making me feel sorry for him. It pretty much no longer matters what he can write on his resume under “Experience.” There is nothing more pathetic in life than an adult who does not know “no.” It’s almost as sad as the sight of an electorate willing to vote this man a 2nd term of office in spite of his grown-up temper-tantrums.


*- When I say pity, I mean all the contempt and disrespect properly implied by the word.


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