Spencer Bachus And The Insidious Poison of Corruption

It is a rare and unpleasant day when I feel it is necessary to call for the destruction of a Republican politician’s career for the sake of the decency of The Conservative Movement. It is even more unpleasant when that individual represents a district in my own home state (when he isn’t representing only himself). Such is the sordid case of Representative Spencer Bachus (R-AL) who’s ethical standards sadly took a dirt nap long before he chose to hang up his career.


It seems Representative Bachus has discovered the power of information. In particular, he has been accused of leveraging his position in Congress to learn things that other participants in the stock market would have no way to possibly learn. This is called Insider Trading, it is highly illegal and carries significant penalty. The Washington Post (which never seems to fail to rapidly identify the partisan affiliation of a !REPUBLICAN! under an ethics investigation) is dutifully on the case.

Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), who holds one of the most influential positions in the House, has been a frequent trader on Capitol Hill, buying stock options while overseeing the nation’s banking and financial services industries.

The Office of Congressional Ethics, an independent investigative agency, opened its probe late last year after focusing on numerous suspicious trades on Bachus’s annual financial disclosure forms, the individuals said. OCE investigators have notified Bachus that he is under investigation and that they have found probable cause to believe insider-trading violations have occurred.

The case is the first of its kind involving a member of Congress. It comes at a time of intense public scrutiny of congressional ethics, with the House passing legislation Thursday to tighten rules against insider trading by lawmakers. The impetus for the legislation, a version of which passed in the Senate a week earlier, came from a “60 Minutes” report and a book mentioning Bachus’s trades, “Throw Them All Out,” by Peter Schweizer.


Blatant embarrassment and public humiliation work wonders in getting The House of Representatives motivated and doing their jobs. Perhaps a similar scourge needs to be applied to the backsides of the voters who kept saying “Bah-Bah!!” and returning this ethical Philistine to the House of Representatives for ten terms. Spencer Bachus’ inexcusable career longevity is a prime example of the evils resident in our current systems of gerrymandering and seniority.

I’ve previously pointed out the base moral turpitude of Democrat James Moran of The Great State of Virginia. It wouldn’t be right or fitting to cut a Republican any more slack. Thus I call upon the membership of the Republican Party of Alabama to primary Spencer Bachus. A process that is fortunately beginning to get underway.

Three candidates have announced plans to oppose Congressman Bacchus. Perhaps the most formidable challenge is from State Senator Scott Beason. He is the author of Alabama’s Immigration Reform Bill and is also hated by The Alabama Democratic Party for role in sending several of their richest backers to jail during the Alabama Gambling Scandal of 2010. He has also aggressively intervened in the corrupt affairs of Jefferson County and championed legislation to resist Obamacare and restrict abortions.


Local salesman and military veteran Al Mickle has also joined the race to replace Spencer Bacchus. He argues that his experiences in combat and in running a business make him uniquely qualified to represent the average American. He further states that the experiences from his daily life will make him more representative of the average American than someone who is a career politician.

The 3rd candidate, Judge David Standridge has worked in law enforcement, served as a County Commissioner in Blount County, Alabama, and is currently a Probate Judge in Blount County. Judge Standridge reminds potential voters that as a County Commissioner in Blount County, he helped pay off a major debt that the locality had accrued. He claims the National Deficit is America’s biggest problem, and that as a member of Congress, reducing the debt by reducing government spending will be his number one priority.

For Redstate readers in the State of Alabama, the three candidates seeking to end the corrupt shenanigans of Spencer Bachus will be speaking at an Alabama District 6 Candidate Forum. The event is sponsored by Rainy Day Patriots which describes itself as a Tea Party organization that operates in and around Birmingham, Al. It takes place 1 March and offers you an opportunity to get involved in securing our nation’s precarious future.


The man the Republican Party has sent to Washington, DC from the 6th Congressional District in Alabama is both corrupt and venal. He is a parasite; not a patriot. He needs to be replaced, and not by a Democrat who would probably be no better. The Republican Party has got to police its own. The 6th District Primary offers us many options to do this. (One of whom is even as ex-cop). This needs to happen. We have the means in our hands. Let’s get it done.



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