There Are Profoundly Wrong Reasons To Oppose Mitt Romney For President

Mormonism’s best inheritance from Joseph Smith was his passion for education, hardly evident in the anti-intellectual and semi-literate Southern Baptist Convention. I wonder though which is more dangerous, a knowledge-hungry religious zealotry or a proudly stupid one? Either way we are condemned to remain a plutocracy and oligarchy. I can be forgiven for dreading a further strengthening of theocracy in that powerful brew.

Harold Bloom, Resident Christophobic Bigot, Yale University English Department.

So what do Harry Reid, Mike Lee, Jeff Flake, Jim Matheson, and maybe seventy other successful politicians both in America and abroad have in common? More than the paranoid mind of the Sagacious and Plenipotent Dr. Harold Bloom can countenance. Each is a member of what he considers both a conspiracy and a cabal.

Yes, they are all practicing Mormons. And if we don’t watch out, a few could even become rather good at it. They find your lack of faith disturbing….(sarcasm off)

So what I find astounding here is not so much that the New York Times opposes Mitt Romney’s political aspirations. The man became a Rethuglican after all! But rather than focusing on the things that make Mitt Romney less qualified to run for President than Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson, Jon Huntsman and maybe every Republican out there with the exception of Buddy Roemer, they unleash a pathetic gallimaufry of Christophobic bigotry as their gravamen for not liking Candidate Romney.

I’m no Romney fan, but where Harold Bloom extracts his deepest thoughts from should be washed more carefully the next time he sets foot in a shower-stall. According to Harold Bloom, we should all fear Mitt Romney and other Republicans because….

“A dark truth of American politics in what is still the era of Reagan and the Bushes is that so many do not vote their own economic interests. Rather than living in reality they yield to what oddly are termed ‘cultural’ considerations: moral and spiritual, or so their leaders urge them to believe. Under the banners of flag, cross, fetus, exclusive marriage between men and women, they march onward to their own deepening impoverishment. Much of the Tea Party fervor merely repeats this gladsome frolic.”

He says this of a GOP Presidential contender who has taken more positions on abortion than Xaviera Hollander assumed in her movie “The Happy Hooker.” He says this of a man who asked one of The Ehrlich’s co-authors for advice on how to shape his Global Warming policies while he governed Massachusetts. He says this of a GOP Candidate who has pandered to both sides of the ongoing immigration debate more than once.

My only question is this: If Mitt Romney ever lead a gladsome march of motivated social conservatives towards any worthwhile objective, which Mitt Romney was it? How do we book that guy more often? I’d like to meet that Mitt Romney and arrange for the priest from The Exorcist to send the five or so other ones forth into the outer darkness with wailing and gnashing of teeth. I’m not scared of what Mitt Romney truly believes. I’ve followed his career for years and wonder what in the heck it actually is?

Painting this ambition-besotted, vote-sucking midget as a Paleo-Conservative Darth Vader because of where he attends religious services every Sunday passes beyond the pale of intellectual respectability and serious argument. Harold Bloom totally loses any right to be considered a serious public intellectual after this performance. It was pig-ignorant bigotry worthy of a 1930’s era Alabama Democratic Party Primary. It demonstrates that the Democrats haven’t learned as much as they self-righteously claim in the intervening eighty years hence.

I thank Harold Bloom for one thing. I thank this hatemongering jerk for one thing only. I was a bit dispirited about the thought of having to settle for Mitt Romney as a nominee. I was asking myself how hard I could make myself work and argue for the guy. Romney really isn’t much, but when I compare him to any group of individuals that would lick the tasseled loafers of a bigot like Harold Bloom, it becomes imperative to any Christian who values his faith to help Mitt Romney destroy Barack Obama and the Democratic Party if it comes down to that.