The Opposite of Pro-Life Is What Just Happened In Norway

The great plague of our times is repudiation of life. Not since late antiquity, when Hellenes and then the Romans exposed their children rather than bothering to raise them, have so many nations eschewed the task of raising a new generation.


– David Goldman, Asia Times.

The world now sadly knows far more about an evil man from Norway named Anders Behring Breivik than we ever needed or wanted to. We know he held the lives of others in disdain. He demonstrated that moral failure by traveling to the island of Utoya and executing eighty-four of his fellow human beings. A society that cheapens the value of life can reasonably expect to produce Nietzschean Supermen like Breivik with increasing frequency as that culture’s fundamental apostasy rages unchecked.

Thus, I am Pro-Life. This extends far beyond my desire to eliminate both abortion and state-encouraged euthanasia as much as possible. Cheapening the fundamental value of life cheapens all of us. It makes our children’s futures less hopeful. Human life, even the lives of other human beings that I forget to love as brothers, is a lot more important than I, or anyone else will ever be as solipsistic individuals. When a society forgets this, many lives will soon become forfeit.

Our current non-culture denies the failure of our Modern Age to properly respect life. It devalues everything that surrounds us. It allows people to withdraw within their own philosophical smug clouds. Within the mental smog, they then rationalize moral barbarism and the accompanying complete and utter lack of concern for others. Eyewitness accounts of what took place on Utoya Island bear this out.


He (a survivor named Dana Berzingi) said the fake police officer ordered people to come closer, then pulled weapons and ammunition from a bag and started shooting. Several victims “had pretended as if they were dead to survive,” Berzingi said. But after shooting the victims with one gun, the gunman shot them again in the head with a shotgun, he said.

– UK Telegraph.

Anders Behring Breivik carefully planned and selected his tactics. This was not an emotional reaction on his part, it was a trained one. This was an action that he ran through his twisted mind. It was something he morally weighed and found personally commendable. He had convinced himself what he was doing was noble and decent. It wasn’t like he was killing anything that had value.

And then there were those who tried to “take credit.” People who were not involved, but claimed they were because they actually believe that this would enhance their reputations. The braggarts included two Islamic Terror Organizations who are as morally worthless as Anders Behring Breivik but who blessedly lack the courage of their sick convictions to this point.

Many intelligence analysts said they had never heard of Helpers of Global Jihad, which took initial credit. The Kurdish group Ansar al-Islam also took credit on some jihadist websites.

It’s a sick world where a man feels perfectly justified in dressing himself up like a cop and shooting eighty-four people at a youth camp. It’s an even grosser world where people other than the man who shot the children and young adults lie and actually brag that they did it.


We live in a world where we are perfectly happy to abort millions of children and then DEMAND to know WHY Anders Behring Breivik became the human sarcoma that he truly is. We live in a world where people praise Jack Kevorkian as some sort of efficiency expert, but we have outraged news stories when someone in Seattle shoots his fellow man for insulting the paint job on his car. I mean it’s rough sanding down the frame and applying a new coat of primer. Give the guy an efficiency ribbon. Al Gore decries our global overpopulation anyway.

But if we think that way and let the Modern view win, we have gone down that road before and saw where it ended. German physicians, during the Weimar Republic, invented a booth-like contraption analogous to Jack Kevorkian’s van. They put a senile or crazy person inside and turned on the gas. It was viewed as humane, sanitary, and dignified. Then some government bureaucrat named Reinhard Heydrich just sat down and figured out the economies of scale…

So I have to explain to otherwise decent and intelligent people that Anders Behring Breivik is not a surprise, not an anomaly and not a socio-political phenomenon that our society will easily rid itself of. He is the kid who sat in class and actually believed it when he was told that Earth’s problem was that it had too many people. He actually believed that life was no more valuable than Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris say it is.


He is the living, breathing embodiment of what our modern culture teaches us that we are. He did exactly what are euthanasianists, our abortionists, our health care rationers and our zero-population growth fanatics preach is the light, the gospel and the enlightened, Modern way. The only difference between he and they was that he was a loud, ignorant klutz who forgot to go ask the government “Mother, may I?”

Jesus of Nazareth explains better than I ever why we must rise up against the cheapening of life in our darkling modern world. I close with his words as he approached Jerusalem, knowing he would soon die.

And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out..

-Luke 19:40, King James Bible.


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