Senator Sessions Nearly Grasps The Truth

I’ve known dozens of junkies over the years and they were all egocentric. They lie and cheat and steal and if you provide them with any kind of excuse for their awful behavior, they’ll cook it up and shoot it into their veins.


Gavin McInnes (HT:Takimag)

It isn’t often that I wake up on Election Day and genuinely enjoy voting. Now, as a resident of Huntsville, AL, I can make that happy claim. Senator Jeff Sessions, is one of my two US Senators. He recently sat down and read this year’s laughable Presidential Budget. It apparently gave Senator Sessions a headache like a Purple Drank Hangover.

It wasn’t so much a budget so much as it was a Visigoth Holiday. A budget implies the long-term management of asset acquisitions and expenditures. It implies a sustainable equilibrium. This wasn’t a budget. It was a plan to hand out free dime-bags.

When a national budget reports a gross debt of $13T over the next ten years, so that the already existing debt nearly doubles, than the President’s Budget Director didn’t manage. The White House merely accounted the extent to which they are on the warpath to totally and utterly (redact) things up. Oh, the math sucked too. The CBO rescored it with an additional $2.3T in debt. In the words of President Bill: “you might wanna’ put some ice on that.”

Senator Sessions took two Advil and laid into Barack Obama. In his column for National Review Online, he describes The Obama Administration’s budgetary sales job.

In what can only be described as an assault on the English language, the president and his budget director have boasted to the American people that under their budget we will “live within our means” and “not add more to the debt,” and that “we’re not going to spend any more money than we’re taking in.”


-Sen. Sessions (HT: National Review Online)

As much as I look forward to re-electing this fine and capable public servant in 2014, I do have to point out one subtle flaw in his oratory. Senator Sessions implicitly believes we want to solve this problem. Most Americans I know really don’t. They want to play poor amateur soccer and kick the thing way down field so that someone else has to go chase it.

But we cannot solve this problem if we do not even acknowledge it exists. We cannot curb our soaring deficits if the White House conceals them in its budget submission. And we cannot confront our fiscal crisis if our president remains unwilling to confront fiscal reality.

– Sen. Sessions (NRO – ObCit.)

Of course confronting this reality comes at a cost. So instead, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke tells us that our economic recovery is self-sustaining. (He speaks this as he tunes up the violins and cellos for a rousing concerto of “QEIII in Debt Major.”) Charles Hugh Smith suggests the following test to determine in Fed Chair Bernanke speaks ground truth.

Here’s a simple test of whether the economic recovery is self-sustaining or not: cut Federal spending back to 2007 levels (a $1 trillion reduction) and cancel all Fed intervention such as quantitative easing.

– Charles Hugh Smith (HT:Of Two Minds)

Now if we really retraced our budget back to 2007 levels, the following programs would have to significantly bleed: Medicaid: (2007: $276 billion, 2010: $293 billion -17 billion), Medicare: (2007: $395 billion, 2010: $462 billion -67 billion), Social Security: (2007: $586 billion, 2010: $724 billion -138 billion), Defense: (2007: $699 billion, 2010: $738 billion -39 billion). So whacking the four largest government programs back to 2007 levels gets us $260 billion out of the requisite $1 trillion.


I can now go a-hunting for the next $740 billion in reductions. This is where the Amerikan Nation of government spending junkies goes through Cold Turkey Rehab. This $740 billion consists of $150 billion of Stimulus money that is currently scheduled to vanish. $50 billion (using BLS numbers) can be billed to inflation.

That leaves about $540 billion for a veritable smorgasbord of entitlement spending. The number of people on Food Stamps is up 57%. The same can be said for Pell Grants. We spend an additional $120 billion to get this done. Tack on another $100 billion for unemployment extensions. I’m now down to about $320 billion that wasn’t being spent in 2007. At this point, if I were really writing a PresBud, I’d also have to be updating my resume.

Sadly, somebody will have to be a big enough (redacted)-hole to actually find that additional $320 billion and whack it along with everything else that I’ve suggested. And if we’re talking American Politics, and that something is unpleasant – than we’re going to have to find a Republican to do it. Democrats just don’t dirty their hands with the hard choices of governance. They are the Jamie Gorelick Party, just along for the next hand-out and the next cushy job.

The time has come for all good Republicans to back the closest thing to the $1 trillion slaughterhouse budget set forth above. We know that we, the party that can actually be bothered, are going to have to eat this particular zesty feke sandwich.


Thus when the debt ceiling comes up for a vote, the GOP should offer them a debt ceiling. A debt ceiling that restricts government spending to 2007 levels. Let the purging and the withdrawal symptoms begin. Like the poor, unfortunate tutor in the Planet of The Apes sequel, The Republican Party, will simply have to man up and say “no” to the apes.


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