FINAL DAY: The Biggest RedState VIP Sale Ever

It’s the final day of RedState’s massive sale! Through Cyber Monday, until 12 AM PT, you can get 50% off a VIP membership using promo code CYBERMONDAY.


The largest discount we’ve ever offered.

If you’d like to give the gift of a VIP membership, you can do that as well here and apply the same CYBERMONDAY 50% off promo code – you can even set the gift to deliver on a future date for Christmas!

Though the midterm fight did not go exactly the way we wanted it to, the war for our country is far from over, and RedState is not giving up. Stand with us and fight to save America.

Our VIP members are vital to our conservative reporting, joining us in the fight against Big Tech and left-wing censorship and allowing us to speak our minds to hold not just Democrats but also squishy, RINO establishment Republicans accountable for their failures.


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