VIP Gold Live Chat With Special Guest Storm Paglia of Townhall Media! - Replay Available

It is Wednesday, and we all know what that means! VIP GOLD LIVE CHAT!

All of our chats are special, but tonight is different.

Why’s tonight different, you ask? Tonight, as we remind you of all the great work we do on VIP here at RedState – and across all of the Townhall VIP Universe, we are letting EVERYONE watch. Have you ever wondered what kind of trouble Thomas LaDuke, Scott Hounsell, and their assorted guests get into on the Wednesday Night VIP GOLD Live Chats? Well, now is your chance, because tonight watching the show requires no subscription!


Join Duke and Hounsizzle tonight as they welcome a first-time guest, Townhall Media’s Storm Paglia! (@storm_paglia). In addition to Storm’s day-to-day responsibilities making sure our Townhall Media sites keep ticking, Storm can also be found on Triggered, a Townhall podcast which he co-hosts with fellow Townhall-er Matt Vespa.

Also joining us will be the one and only Brad Slager (@MartiniShark).  But just as the rest of the night is filled with firsts, tonight will be the first time we celebrate a birthday on the show as we celebrate Brad’s Birthday, which likely will include Zima.

Not a member of VIP Gold yet? What are you waiting for? There’s so much great content awaiting you not only here at RedState VIP, but with your VIP Gold subscription access to VIP content across all of the Townhall Media sites, including Townhall, Twitchy, Hot Air, Bearing Arms, and PJ Media. And, THIS WEEK ONLY, when you use promo code 2022 you’ll receive a 40% discount on your membership! (Tip: A VIP Gold annual membership is the best value)

We’re having a little contest going on to see which contributor can bring in the most new VIP members, so when you join you can decide who’ll get credit. You can also think of it as a bit of a popularity contest…

So, to choose Duke, join using this link; to choose Hounsizzle, join using this link; and to choose the Birthday Boy, Brad Slager, (sponsored by Zima), join using this link.

Tonight’s topics include last week’s elections and the Rittenhouse trial. From Seattle to Virginia and New Jersey back to Texas, we will be breaking down the results of the elections and the absolute most adorable takes. And, we’ll discuss the terrible and idiotic prosecutor in Kenosha who was justifiably dressed down by a judge who’s actually read the Constitution.

Looking forward to a great show tonight and looking forward to all of you joining us at 8 PM Eastern, right here at RedState!



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