RedState on Parler

RedState on Parler
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As you may have noticed, a lot of folks are leaving Twitter for Parler. The flow has not become a tsunami yet, but, if you get many more instances like what happened to Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell,

that will happen

For the time being, RedState does not have a Parler account but many of the contributors do. Here is a directory of RedState contributors by Parler handle.

Becca Lower–@beccajlower


Brandon Morse–TheBrandonMorse


Jennifer Van Laar–@Jenvanlaar

Joe Cunningham–@JoePCunningham

Kira Davis–KiraDavis

Mike Ford–@MikeFord

Nick Arama–@NickArama

Robert A Hahn–@bobhahn




Susie Moore–@Smoosieq

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