Watch Senator John Cornyn Blast Cory Booker For Releasing Confidential Documents About Brett Kavanaugh

I guess when one is running for president, the rules don’t apply. Especially if your name is Cory Booker.

Apparently, Senator Booker learned about the rules of the Senate from his friend T-Bone because instead of following such rules, Booker decided to tweet out items marked as confidential by the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Naturally, his Democratic colleagues are lining up to support him. But seriously, what the is the matter with these people? They have no sense of decorum or decency. They cry and whine about documents they don’t have related to a nominee they’ve already said they will not support. Meanwhile, Judge Kavanaugh has been involved with over 300 cases during his time on the DC Circuit Court that is available to all members. He’s made public speeches, written public documents and papers.

Nope. Not good enough.

Booker releases confidential information and Senator John Cornyn of Texas rightfully blasts him for it:

It’s a waste of time for anyone to say Booker should be ashamed of himself. Democrats have already proven they have none.


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