The Only Part of the Kavanaugh Hearing You Need to See is Ben Sasse

Following a morning of interruptions and whining from Democrats as Sen. Chuck Grassley attempted to begin Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing to the Supreme Court, Sen. Ben Sasse had his turn to address the gathered politicians and Kavanaugh supporters.


Sen. Sasse began by lambasting the rhetoric from those opposed to Kavanaugh’s appointment by saying he hates women and children and clean air, accurately calling it “patently absurd.” From there he went on to give the committee — Democrats in particular — exactly the “dad lecture” they clearly were asking for.

Here are some highlights or you can watch the speech in its glorious entirety below.

He went on to defend Kavanaugh’s past rulings and point back at Congress for not doing its job and instead want a justice that will legislate from the bench while saying it’s not what they want.


Finally, Sasse laid on heavy and told his colleagues to “stop the charades” and called Congress “too lazy and too risk-averse” to do their job. Ouch. But all too true.

While Sasse was addressing those in the room, the lecture should be well-heeded by every American. With our rights comes responsibilities to be informed and vote.

Full video:


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