Trump Bashes The "Lowlife" He Personally Hired

President Donald Trump let his tweeting fingers fly Monday morning to blast former Apprentice contestant turned short-lived Trump administration employee have it.


Omarosa Manigault-Newman made headlines on Monday as she announced on Meet the Press that she made a recording of the White House chief of staff, John Kelly, in the Situation Room — which is supposedly a secure area where recording devices of any kind aren’t allowed — while he was firing her. She also claims Trump used the “n-word” and says he is in mental decline.

It was only a matter of time before Trump took to Twitter to hit back at Omarosa after her media blitz.


Trump tweeted:

“Wacky Omarosa, who got fired 3 times on the Apprentice, now got fired for the last time. She never made it, never will. She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes, I said Ok. People in the White House hated her. She was vicious, but not smart. I would rarely see her but heard….

…really bad things. Nasty to people & would constantly miss meetings & work. When Gen. Kelly came on board he told me she was a loser & nothing but problems. I told him to try working it out, if possible, because she only said GREAT things about me – until she got fired!

While I know it’s “not presidential” to take on a lowlife like Omarosa, and while I would rather not be doing so, this is a modern day form of communication and I know the Fake News Media will be working overtime to make even Wacky Omarosa look legitimate as possible. Sorry!”


Who could have seen the hiring of one opportunist by another wasn’t going to end well or quietly, except everyone?

Once again, Trump acts like he is the victim here when he personally brought Omarosa into the White House as one of his vaunted “best people” with whom he assured Americans he surrounds himself. Nevermind that she was speaking at events with the likes of Al Sharpton and a slew of other Democratic headliners.

Nothing Trump tweeted was anything he didn’t know before he hired her.

Omarosa’s subsequent reported reign of terror in the West Wing and media blitz over the weekend is something we like to call getting ones just deserts, Mr. President.


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