Watch Mika Blast Bill Clinton's Response to the Monica Lewinsky Question

Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski’s glaring scorn and disgust was on point in reaction to Bill Clinton being asked in an interview with NBC’s Craig Melvin about his own history of sexual misconduct and whether or not he’s ever apologized to Monica Lewinsky this morning as the world watched the interview that should’ve happened twenty years ago.



“So I just saw the interview I’ve always wanted to see with Bill Clinton thanks to Craig Melvin,” Brzezinski said. “This is the interview I think we’ve been waiting decades for.”

Brzezinski went on to say the Clinton’s never addressing and apologizing for Bill’s treatment of women and Hillary’s enabling it and ignoring the issue as she ran for the presidency is why we now have Pres. Trump.

She stated the Lewinsky era and Bill Clinton’s “example he set for America’s children of what “is” is,” and Trump’s indiscretions with women were trivialized when Mrs. Bill Clinton was standing next to the guy who was recorded saying he could grab women’s genitals and they would let him.

The Morning Joe panel went on to discuss the interview and theorized this could be the end of the Clinton’s in politically active and public life. One can only hope.


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