Trumpers Take Another Embarrassing Page From the Obama Supporter Playbook

A good rule to live by is if you think something someone else does is a bad idea or in poor taste, don’t do that yourself.

But the Trumper MAGAts seem incapable of not acting toward Trump in the same way they hated how Barack Obama fans did in 2008 and beyond.

The latest is a truly shudder-inducing a cappella video of red hat Trump groupies, who call themselves The Deplorable Choir, extolling the accomplishments and actions of President Trump.

It’s bad, and as cringe-worthy as the “Obama’s Gonna Save Us,” despite one being about things that have actually happened — using Trump’s embarrassing nicknames for people while also thanking Kanye West “for the dragon energy” — and the other being purely pie-in-the-sky BS.

Both performances are embarrassingly laughable.

The real trick here is to see how many seconds you can make it before having to turn it off.

How’d you do?

As my colleague Joe Cunningham is known to say, “Not today, Internet.”