Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv Dunks On His Anti-Gun Classmates With One Tweet

While his anti-Second Amendment, left-wing activist classmates have been running around the talk show circuit and spouting incorrect drivel about guns and an array of other pet topics, Parkland student Kyle Kashuv has been quietly making the rounds on Capitol Hill speaking with lawmakers.


Kashuv took to Twitter Sunday night to lambast his classmates over what they said during an interview on 60 Minutes.

“The gall my classmates just showed on is absolutely reprehensible. To disrespect 30+ United States Senators, across party lines, who back , is something people should take note to. Shame on all of you. Disgusting!”

One of Kashuv’s classmates who had been on the interview snarked back at him and tweeted:

““Facts don’t care about your feelings” “You guys were being totally disrespectful”

And followed it up with an unapologetic and condescending tweet one would expect from a juvenile.


“On behalf of everybody with whom I work, we apologize if we have hurt any senators’ feelings”

Kashuv clapped back and quieted Kasky with one tweet. Sending him a screen shot of an earlier tweet in which he corrected their gun-grabbing fellow classmate, David Hogg.

That’ll do, Kyle. That’ll do.


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