Some Reactions To Romney’s Response To Trump Endorsement Are Just Ridiculous

In an unexpected gesture on Monday, Pres. Trump tweeted a full-throated endorsement of Mitt Romney’s bid to become Utah’s next senator alongside Mike Lee.


Romney and Trump’s relationship has been strained at best both during the 2016 campaign and after. As such, “the resistance” has a newfound love of Mitt Romney and they became displeased and disappointed when Romney did the unfathomable — to them — and tweeted a thank you back to the President.

Oh. My. Goodness. How could he? 

Anyone “disappointed” over Mitt Romney doing the most Mitt Romney thing ever — i.e. being polite, gracious and courteous when given a compliment — is simply exposing their own utter ridiculousness.

Trump does something they’ve ostensibly wanted him to do in endorsing Romney. He got over whatever beef he’s had with the 2012 GOP nominee and tweeted something nice. At the same time endorsing a decent human being and natural statesman.

It shows they don’t really want Trump to stop being so Trumpian. It gets in the way of their incessant hair-on-fire modality when it comes to the president and, let’s face it, Republicans in general.


On the other hand, it’s a good reminder that those who disapprove of Romney saying thank you only find the man useful as long as he’s criticising and decrying Donald Trump. These people are the same ones who likely made Romney into a simultaneous monster and idiot for saying he had “binders full of women” and that Russia was America’s number one geo-political foe.

Apparently, manners are gauche in the age of Trump. If there is anything Mitt Romney is, it’s a polite and traditional human being who knows how to be the bigger person and return kind words from even those you don’t agree with a thank you. The tweet wasn’t obsequious or contrite. It was a simple thank you followed by an appreciation of the fact he hopes to represent the people of Utah.

Anyone disappointed Romney responded in kind to the president needs to get over it. Mitt Romney acted in a way we should all consider an example of how to respond to those you disagree with or who may have wronged you in the past.


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