Watch HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield Take Author of Aziz Ansari Piece To The Woodshed After Nasty Email

HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield, who rightly excoriated the anonymous accuser of comedian Aziz Ansari, who tried to pass off a bad date and regret as sexual assault, subsequently received a nasty email full of personal attacks response from the Babe-dot-net reporter, Katie Way.


Banfield once again took the issue up on air, reading a portion of the email in which Way attacks Banfield’s age, appearance and relevance in news.

“Ashleigh, someone I am certain nobody under the age of 45 has heard of. I hope the 500 retweets on the single news write up made that burgundy lipstick, bad highlights, second wave feminist has-been really relevant for a little while.”

Banfield fired back at the 22-year-old Way’s ad hominem attacks perfectly.

“I was brown-haired for a while when I was a war correspondent, interviewing Yasser Arafat, and in Afghanistan and Iraq, Gaza and the West Bank. Google those places.”

Banfield questioned Way’s motivations for reporting the story and expressed concern over the legitimacy and importance of the “Me Too” movement being hijacked by people like Way and Ansari’s accuser who want to equate a bad date or regrettable sexual encounter with those who have experienced sexual assault and harassment.

“We do not attack people for their age, or their highlights or their lipstick because it is the most hypocritical thing a woman who says she supports the women’s movement could ever do and that’s the caliber of the woman who was given all of this power and was able to wield this power.”


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