Listen: 'WTH Happened This Week' with Fill-In Host Jay Caruso and Guest Kira Davis

This week, Kim is traveling and Andrea is joined by fill-in co-host, Jay Caruso, until Andrea’s power goes out and Jay must steer the ship alone! With guest, Kira Davis, the two break down and discuss their favorite posts from the front page at RedState this week.


Stories below.

Jenna Fischer is Right, We need a conversation about teachers and spending by Kira Davis

Tuxedo Activists Do The Least For A Good Cause by Brad Slager

Liberal Writer Attacks Ivanka Trump For A Very Silly Reason by Sarah Rumpf

“Former” Bannon Ally Paul Nehlen’s Racist Views Didn’t Just Suddenly Materialize; Don’t Let His Pals Run For Cover by Carl Arbogast


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