Watch: Morning Joe's Mika Claims People Knew About Lauer; Scarborough Jumps In To Save Her

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski started going down a potentially dangerous path this morning while discussing what people knew about Matt Lauer’s sexual predation at NBC.


Husband-to-be and co-host Joe Scarborough jumped in to rescue her and made the point all about Lauer’s philandering rather than his sexual harassing.


“I mean, there’s not a person, I think, who worked in and around the sphere of Matt Lauer who had not heard these things. Hhad you?”

Joe jumps in with his lawyer hat, arguing that he and Mika didn’t know about anything with a clear eye on not being seen as complicit.

“You have to be careful when you say that we knew about this stuff,” he said to Mika. “I will tell you, by the way, everybody is like why do you not say anything before? Guess what. I’ve heard some pretty horrific stories about President Trump. Why don’t I talk about it on the air? Because I don’t want to be sued.”

Okay, then. Clearly, no one should count on Brzezinski or Scarborough to aid sexual harassment and assault victims of any high profile person.


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