Democratic Congressman Asks Trump for Special Favor

Republicans were hit hard Tuesday night and the subsequent Wednesday news cycle has been non-stop dissection over the future of the Republican majorities in both houses of Congress.


President Trump, in particular, has seen several of his preferred candidates lose…and has even gone so far as to blame those like Virginia’s Ed Gillespie for not “embracing” him and Trumpism enough for their losses.

In light of Trump’s recent spate of backing losers lately, one Democratic congressman, California’s Ted Lieu, has jokingly asked Trump for a favor.

“Dear failing : Since you have a habit of endorsing losers like Gillespie & Strange, can you also endorse my congressional opponent? Thanks.”

For the most part, Rep. Lieu is a despicable person — not only because he walked out during a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Tx. on Monday — but the tweet is funny. And giving Trump his own nickname as the President is known for doing to others, is the real kicker.

After Tuesday night and with Trump’s job approval rating in the 30’s, the writing is on the wall: Trumpism will ultimately only work for one person, and that is Donald Trump.


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