Listen: 'WTH Happened This Week' with Guest Contributor Streiff

RedState senior contributors, Kimberly Ross and Andrea Ruth, bring to you a summary of news from the week and how RedState covered each issue. This week, contributor Streiff joined the show.


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Story links below.

Please Pardon My ‘Sexual Assaults’ by Andrea Ruth

The Next Big Hollywood Sex Scandal Is Already Breaking…At Nickelodeon by Kira Davis

The Left Is Eager to See an Undocumented Immigrant Teen Get An Abortion by Kimberly Ross

Jane Doe’s Unborn Baby Is Now Dead, and the Left Is Cheering by Kimberly Ross

Leftists Are Calling for Halloween Costume Segregation by Brad Slager

How A Special Forces Medic Won the Medal of Honor Because of CNN’s Fraud and Misconduct by Streiff

General Dunford Gives a Masterful Briefing on Niger but a Lot of Questions Remain by Streiff


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