Witness Tells Amazing Story of Bravery During Las Vegas Shooting (Video)

A witness of the shooting last night in Las Vegas remarked on what he saw and felt during the panic-stricken minutes the shooter was active.

Russell Black’s recollections were similar to others in that he was scared and experienced a horrific event, but he also remarked on what he saw that left him amazed.


Fox News’ Jon Scott asked Black about the heroism he saw, something he had mentioned previously during the interview.

Black responded with an amazingly profound sentiment.

“In a world where everyone is kneeling, I saw hundreds of people standing up and running towards the danger,” he said.

“These first responders, the second that you heard — I did not know what to do in this scenario, and there were individuals who trained very well, running towards automatic gunfire with nothing but a pistol on their sidearm.”

“I mean like, who does that? Every fraction that those cops gave that guy, saved so many lives. [Because when] he fired, multiple people were hit.”

Police and civilians alike stood among those ducking for cover to attract the shooter’s attention, including this guy.


Black went on to talk about those who led or carried the injured to safety and the makeshift triage spaces in protected areas.

“People were using the barricades and structures, taking two or three bodies out over time to drag them and get people undercover…We were like mice in a maze.”

Finally, he said what we know many will deal with for a long time.

“It’s going to stick with you forever.”

Watch the interview below.


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