Listen: 'WTH Happened This Week' with Guest Jay Caruso

RedState senior contributors, Kimberly Ross and Andrea Ruth, bring to you a summary of news from the week and how RedState covered each issue. This week, contributor Jay Caruso joined the show.


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Story links below.

The Magnitsky Act And The Woman Who Met With Trump Jr.: Part One Of A Six-Part Series by Patterico

Navy Relieves Two Senior Officers Over USS Fitzgerald And USS McCain Collisions by Streiff

Rolling Stone’s Irresponsible Reporting And Social Justice Slant Lands It In The ‘For Sale’ Bin by Brandon Morse

Hollywood Award Shows are Dumb, Conservative Surrendering Pop Culture to the Left Is Dumber by Jim Jamitis

Not the Onion: Story Claims the Electoral College Is a National Security Threat by Andrea Ruth

DeVos’ DOE Withdraws Obama’s Title IX “Dear Colleague” Letter, Provides “Interim Guidelines” by Kira Davis

Trump’s ‘Nambia’ Gaffe Perfectly Illustrates The Intellectual Dishonesty In Tribalism by Jim Jamitis

Paul Manafort’s Troubles Didn’t Start When He Became Trump’s Campaign Manager by Susan Wright

Mel Brooks Warns Us That Political Correctness Will Be The Death Of Comedy by Brandon Morse


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