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While Kimberly Ross is “on assignment” this week, RedState senior contributor, Andrea Ruth, brings to you a summary of news from the week and how RedState covered each issue. This week, contributor Susie Moore and Jay “Live-From-The-Road” Caruso joined the show.


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Story links below:

DWS’ Pakistani IT Guy Was Arrested and Now There’s Intrigue Surrounding the Attorneys Involved by Jennifer Van Laar

The Overnight Mail: Abominable Blood by Caleb Howe

Fusion GPS Possibly Working With Democrats to Discredit Trump? Sarah Lee

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Mixing Celebrity And Political Power Is Bad For America by Jim Jamitis

Ted Cruz Delivers The Verdict On The GOPs ObamaCare Repeal Failure by Streiff

Scaramucci Quotes Trump As “Expert” On Russian Hacking, But Where Did Trump Get His Info? by Susan Wright

As Layoffs Begin, Carrier Worker Unleashes On Trump’s Deal-Making by Susan Wright

Donald Trump Unhinged: Slams Jeff Sessions By Name On Twitter by Jay Caruso

Don’t Shame GOP Minorities, Then Shame GOP For Not Being Diverse Enough by Kira Davis


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