Cruz's Amendment to Senate Health Care Bill Gets Approval From Freedom Caucus Chair

House Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows broke from withholding comment on the process in the upper chamber to say he is in favor of the health care bill currently making its way through the Senate…if the amendment introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz (R – Tex.) is a part of it.


Cruz’s amendment would allow insurance companies to offer plans that did not meet certain Affordable Care Act requirements if they also offer plans that do.

In allowing such plans to be sold, insurers would ostensibly be able to offer more affordable plans to individuals who don’t necessarily need or want to pay for certain coverage.

The House Freedom Caucus’s tacit approval via Rep. Meadows, while not germane to the Senate bill, indicates that there could be much-needed support from House conservatives if a viable health care bill is going to pass this summer.

Health care reform has been described as a must-have by leadership before the tax reform Republicans would like to pass can be done.


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