Alex Jones Follows Through On Threat He Made To Megyn Kelly

Internet conspiracy theorist Alex Jones followed through on his threat to release recordings he made of phone calls and portions of his subsequent interview with NBC News host Megyn Kelly on Thursday night.


The recordings begin with what sounds like Kelly’s voice assuring Jones she does what she says she’s going to do and promises not to run a hit piece.

The promo for the interview, airing on Father’s Day, did not cast Jones in a favorable light. Jones’ comments on the Sandy Hook massacre and his floating the conspiracy theory that parents had faked their children’s deaths being the focus of much of the outcry over the interview.

Jones apparently wasn’t happy with Kelly’s promo either, as he called for the interview not to be aired (on Father’s Day).

In the end, Jones comes off as the more-fool-you in this scenario in light of the fact that he regularly talks about how dishonest the “MSM” (mainstream media) is. He continuously says he knew Kelly would lie about him, but he still did the interview. And now he’ll use this entire saga as proof to his followers, and new, curious listeners, that he’s right and the more virtuous person.

However, this might be one of the most mishandled and unwise interviews ever. Megyn Kelly has taken all the heat and vilified, while Jones’ profile has risen. Way to go, Ms. Kelly.


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