Melania Trump's Official Portrait Is Different From All Others; Here's Why

The White House put out the first official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump on Monday. Trump, a model by profession, looks stunning in the portrait photo.


But anyone who has seen their share of first lady portraits will notice that besides technical issues, like the eyes being out of focus, the major difference to Trump’s portrait is her stance.


Most first ladies pose in an inviting, arms open stance, or with the hands gently folded one over the other.





However, Trump’s arms are folded at the elbow in what is commonly known as a “power stance,” which has been used by others in in the White House though not by a first lady.


A subject’s pose in a portrait says a lot about how the person wants to be portrayed and even affects how the viewer feels about them.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for a first lady who has largely stayed out of her husband’s spotlight and even out of the White House — Trump and son, Barron, still reside in Manhattan at Trump Tower — the portrait possibly says more about her than she has said about herself.


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