The Left's Misinformation Campaign has More Asylum Seekers Attempting to Illegally Cross into Canada

Rural Canadian border towns have recently seen a spike in illegal crossings of immigrants from the U.S. since Donald Trump took office. This weekend another twenty-two were caught and detained by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).


They’re reasoning seems rather peppered with alarmist thinking not based in reality or with any knowledge of how the Safe Third Country Agreement works. The agreement states that “refugee claimants are required to request refugee protection in the first safe country they arrive in, unless they qualify for an exception.” The U.S. is considered a safe country for refugees.

According to those attempting to cross, they claim that they are fearful for their safety and future in the U.S. since Trump signed an executive order that put a temporary ban on travelers entering the country from seven countries.

Immigration advocates in Canada want the U.S. taken off the “Safe Country” list. Everyone’s response to that bit of ridiculousness is, not safe compared to what?

Never mind that the executive order has been stayed by the courts until an amended travel ban can be ordered.

Of course, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did his countrymen living along the southern border no favors when he declared that Canada was open for more refugees.

The recent influx has pitted the town of Emerson in somewhat of a crisis. Many say they recognize the people fleeing in these conditions are clearly desperate, but want to ensure the safety and security of the border and their town.


The idea that Americans are suddenly more hostile in their thoughts or actions toward those seeking a better life away from war, is simply preposterous. It’s really indicative of the left and the media’s scare tactics and misinformation campaign over a temporary travel ban similar to what President Obama did.

These crossings are not without danger or injury either. In December a pair of Ghanian asylum seekers who were denied the status — under the Obama administration — walked into Canada in  over a foot of snow. They ended up with frostbite and having to have their fingers amputated.

The town of Emerson, Manitoba has seen at least 100 such illegal crossings in the las two months.


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