CNN Takes Bizarre Jab at Donald Trump's Cabinet Makeup

I’ve seen the media take some off the wall snipes at Donald Trump — to be fair, it’s often tit for tat — but the latest knock on him by CNN is just laughable.

CNN is taking issue with the fact that his cabinet is made up of a bunch of old, white dudes.

(CNN) —By selecting ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to serve as secretary of state, Donald Trump on Tuesday guaranteed that his four most influential departments will, if confirmed, be led entirely by white males for the first time since George H.W. Bush’s first Cabinet was approved in 1989.

Oh. My. Goodness.

But, wait, there’s more and it gets even more blatant:

Tillerson, who faces headwinds even among Senate Republicans, would be the nation’s top diplomat, while retired Marine Gen. James Mattis has been tapped to run the Defense Department, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is the pick for attorney general and ex-Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin will be nominated to run the Treasury Department.

All four are white. The first round of top appointees in the Obama administration included an African-American man — Attorney General Eric Holder — and a white woman — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Colin Powell, then a retired general, became the only person of color in former President George W. Bush’s top four when he was nominated and confirmed as the first African-American secretary of state.

Emphasis added. I don’t think you could imply any harder that you think Donald Trump is a racisty racist who racists than CNN has here. However, CNN reveals its own bias by also implying that these men aren’t as good as a person of color would be.

I guess we can all just mourn the final death of the Marin Luther King Jr. ideal that we all be judged based on the content of our character than the color of our skin. That also applies to skills set and being the best person to do a specific job.

Finally, when CNN admits that Donald Trump has selected women and minorities it casts either the position or the person in a negative light.

Trump’s lone African-American choice, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, will run the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which primarily deals with city planning. Of his four female appointees, the highest profile is billionaire Republican donor and “school choice” activist Betsy DeVos. Fast-food titan Andy Puzder will run the Labor Department and billionaire businessman Wilbur Ross is the choice for commerce secretary.

Of course, they leave outIndian-American South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley being selected as U.N. secretary as it’s not an official cabinet position, but it is influential nonetheless.

Short of actually calling Trump a racist, CNN couldn’t be any more accusatory in their deciding to go with this poorly veiled line of attack. The last time a major media figure called a president a racist you would’ve thought the world had ended. This time an entire news network comes just short of doing the same and gets reported as relevant news. Got it.

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