Glenn Beck Blasts Donald Trump Over His Rhetoric About Boeing, China

For most of those on the right who were a part of the “Never Trump” (and Never Hillary) movement who couldn’t justify voting for one New York liberal Democrat over another, Donald Trump’s victory on election night was bittersweet. Many came out in the following days and weeks to announce Never Trump was dead, etc. etc. But it’s not, really.


Those of us on the right who had voted for neither candidate, while relieved that Hillary didn’t win, also weren’t thrilled that Donald Trump did either. But with Trump’s win, a cautious optimism and a willingness to watch and wait to see what he does, settled in.

The past month has been mildly encouraging with some of the picks Trump has made as he selects his cabinet and other posts. But it’s also been dismaying as we’ve seen that regardless of being the president-elect, Trump’s gonna Trump.

From scuffling with a Carrier union president to threatening to cancel a development deal with Boeing on Twitter to speaking with the leader of Taiwan and sparking tensions with China before he’s even sworn in has conservatives like Glenn Beck throwing their hands up.

The conservative commentator, in an interview with Yahoo News, Beck questioned Donald Trump’s accusation against Boeing from earlier this week in which he said, “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion.Cancel order!”


“How can there be cost overruns when they just have a development deal? I don’t understand that,” Beck said. “That was a swipe against Boeing to tell the Boeing CEO, ‘You get in my boat or I’ll crush you.’ This is exactly what FDR did to companies in the 1930s. It didn’t work then, it won’t work now.”

Beck also stated his dissent to Trump threatening companies as President of the United States,

“I’m sorry, but if America wants to go over the cliff, that’s fine. They can,” Beck told Yahoo News’ Bianna Golodryga on Thursday. “I’m not going with them. I’m not. It won’t work.”

Another cliff Beck warned the president-elect (and Republicans backing the move) against is of sending the country over is the abyss of a conflict with China, whether it be over trade or relations with Taiwan.

“I can’t believe the conservatives are picking a fight with China, like Taiwan, and then not expecting there to be significant ramifications,” Beck said. “Donald Trump should know better.”

Trump seems poised to take on China during his presidency whether he’s warned against it or not. Thankfully, top Republicans seem prepared to break with the president-elect over the issue. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy indicated on Monday that Republicans would not go along with a 35 percent tariff on imported goods that Trump tweeted he will attempt to impose.


Admitting he, as well as many others, were wrong about Trump’s chances at actually winning the presidency, Beck still hopes he’s wrong about him,

“I’ve been wrong about Donald Trump every step of the way,” he said. “I’m hoping I’m going to be wrong about him as president.”

We all do.


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