Watchdog Accuses Super PAC Of Illegally Funneling Money To Steve Bannon in FEC Letter

A non-partisan watchdog group is continuing to pursue their allegations against a Mercer-backed Super PAC, Make America Number 1, and Steve Bannon. The Campaign Legal Center alleges in a letter sent to the Federal Election Commission that the super PAC illegally funneled money to Steve Bannon to the tune of $280,000 for work he did during the campaign as CEO for Donald Trump’s presidential bid.


A complaint was first filed in October by CLC, but the December 2nd letter provides further alleged evidence that the payments were made to a front group “Glittering Steel LLC” which had at the time the same address as Bannon’s consulting firm, Bannon Strategic Advisors, Inc.

CLC also states in the letter that “Notably, on the same day that CLC files its complaint alleging that Make America Number 1 had compensated Bannon by way of entities located at the same address as his Bannon Strategic Advisors Inc. consulting firm, paperwork was filed with the California Secretary of State changing the firm’s registered address.”

How coincidental…

Such a payment would be a clear violation of federal law, which prohibits any communication or coordination between a political campaign and supporting super PACs that collect and spend money on a candidate’s behalf.

The Trump transition team and Bannon, who has been named Chief Strategist for the Trump administration, have yet to comment on the allegations or the letter.



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