LIVE NOW: Anti-Trump/Black Lives Matter Protesters Want You to Feel Bad for Them

Right now a protest is going on in downtown Seattle of anti-Trump/Black Lives Matter activists. Are you shocked? Me neither.

The West Coast and Seattle are the most interracial friendly areas in the country. But they want you to hear their grievances:


Sorry if I don’t find their plight that compelling. As mentioned above, Seattle is one of the most interracial friendly areas in the country. Anecdotally, my own nephew and most of my cousins are mixed race in various ways.

We can all think of times where we’ve been discriminated against. As a white woman in a wheelchair, I’ve been declined rides from Uber drivers and unable to get around in such liberal areas as New York City and Washington, D.C.

You can’t make me feel bad for a Seattle liberal. Period.

You can watch the live stream from Seattle here:



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