Surprise! NBC & CBS Spend More Time Covering Neo-Nazis than Four Years of March for Life by Three-fold

No matter which political or social ideology we adhere to, we can probably all agree that in today’s world there is more than enough television stations and programs to cover all the news, big or small. Big current events should be able to get as much, if not more, time than stories that could be considered evergreen. Or so one would think if they thought the news was a place that reported on things that happen according to importance, and not to engineer a narrative of (il)liberal bias. But that assumption would be wrong.


Conservatives know, and even progressives will admit, that the news media has a tendency to skew left. But every once in awhile what we know anecdotally gets confirmed by hard numbers. This is the case from a new report by Newsbusters that shows that CBS and NBC have spent more airtime reporting on and covering the alt-right since Donald Trump’s election than it has for the last four years the March for Life, a conservative event that highlights pro-life issues.

“… this trend manifested itself with five minutes and 17 seconds Tuesday morning on CBS and NBC that attempted to label the neo-Nazi conference as one featuring “conservative extremist[s]” and added up to three times more coverage than they’ve had on the March for the Life in the past four years (at one minute and 40 seconds).”

This, of course, is a perfect example of how the media perceives conservatives. Not as pro-life, small government, strong defense, free-market-minded individuals, but rather as a bunch of White nationalist bigots spouting hate speech and lamenting the loss of the prestige of White America.

The scant coverage of an event like the March for Life, which is a bi-partisan (although, you’d be hard pressed to find a pro-life Democrat these days), peaceful event that one would think would warrant more coverage as more and more Americans are identifying themselves as pro-life in numbers not seen in over a generation. But that doesn’t fit the pro-abortion stance of the mainstream media.


It’s not a bad thing that the media is trying to make sure that people know who and what the alt-right is comprised of and who Americans should stay away from. But in spending so much time covering them in order to do so, they’re ensuring that millions more people will know who they are and lend legitimacy to their groups, rather than in obscurity where they belong.



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