Last Night's SNL Cold Open was a Stream of Liberal Tears (VIDEO)

For more than a generation, Saturday Night Live has made its name by making fun of pop culture, religion, sports, etc., but above all has always been politics. But last night wasn’t meant to be funny.


The cold open was a veritable dirge with Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton singing “Hallelujah.” The audience was treated to an over-abundance of liberal tears — seriously, Kate McKinnon was tearing up at the end — from people who live in a progressive Democrat bubble and held the smug belief that Hillary would break their perceived ‘glass ceiling’ to become the first woman president last week.

Such earnest sobriety has rarely been seen on the show, and conservative Twitter was hardly amused:


Okay, so at least one person expressed high amusement:

Thankfully, Dave Chappelle was there to provide some comic relief.



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