Olivia Wilde Wants You To Know How Wonderful Abortion Is (VIDEO)

Actress Olivia Wilde is concerned about your reproductive rights – in other words, she wants to tell you how awesome abortion is.

In a YouTube video released Tuesday as a part of a campaign that includes dozens of celebrities talking about various issues their voting on, a very pregnant Wilde calls reproductive rights a “basic human right.” It is ironically amusing as I wonder if she would agree or deny that the life inside her right now is inarguably human. Check out the video:

I’m sure if asked if the babies who are aborted each day are any less human in their makeup than her unborn child, her cognitive dissonance on this issue would start to show. Of course, science is getting trickier to reconcile with the pro-abortion stance, so “human rights” it is!

But only if you’re the right kind of human.

Wilde goes on to express in her most earnest and heartfelt voice possible that “if you care about your future” (Irony alert – 700,000 unborn children are denied a future every year) and your “basic human right” to choose “exactly how and when and why and where” you’ll vote for reproductive rights, which we can only presume means voting for Hillary Clinton and other pro-abortion extremist Democrats in November.

The casual notion that Wilde has that babies conceived at an inopportune time or in an unideal way are therefore less valuable and disposable shows the underlying selfishness of the pro-abortion – give me a break on the “reproductive rights” – platform, and that “safe, legal and rare” has always meant “safe-ish, legal and whenever the heck I feel like it.”

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