Stop Appropriating My Gender!

While I do understand that gender dysphoria does exist. It’s not as common as the world is trying to make it out to be.

Biologically, a man can never truly become a woman and vice versa. You can’t change your DNA. Nor can you change your hip structure. (Women’s are wider, mainly for childbearing. Meanwhile, men’s are deeper/longer.) Or change how your muscle accumulate mass. Men muscle mass develop at a faster rate than women’s.


Now that we got the science portion out of the way, let’s get the grit of this.

First off, I always find it funny that everyone that goes through the transition tend to do dress and act like the stereotypical version of that gender. Falling right in line with the so-called gender roles we’re not supposed to follow anymore, because patriarchy.

I’m sorry. You cannot call yourself a true woman because you got a boob job and wear dresses. That’s the window dressing of what being a woman is. You’ll never know the feeling of having a baby inside of you for nine months or the pain of childbirth. Let’s not forget remembering not to wear white pants during certain parts of the month. Oh, and the fun of that ‘time of the month’. Got to learn how to train and ride that dragon! Or the horror of becoming a ‘woman’ overnight. One day, you’re flat chested. The next day, you’re a B-cup!

Same thing of calling yourself a man. You didn’t go through pitching a tent at inappropriate moments during junior high. Or those lovely ‘wet dreams’. Learning how to un-stick delicate items from your inner thigh. Let’s not forget the ever famous voice change!


I get it. You feel don’t like the gender you were born. There was a time, I really didn’t feel ‘female’, because I didn’t fit the part. That’s all it was. I didn’t fit what society told me a woman was supposed to act/look/be. Guess what? Don’t care what society thinks. I’m a woman. There are times I’m called a manly woman because of my strength or attitude. That’s okay.

I truly believe not everyone who thinks they are transsexual, in fact, really are. If you are, that’s okay. If you’re not sure, that’s okay too. All I’m saying, don’t say you’re a real woman/man if biologically you’re not.


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