On The Eve of This Election

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Over the past month, I’ve been thinking about November 2nd. Quite a bit in fact. Every day, posts about various candidates are posted and almost all of us here at RedState read them eagerly, gleaning what we can to keep us optimistic. Before I can talk about the present, though, I need to go back to two years ago. Two long years ago (and it does seem like an eternity). I had gone to the polls with a heavy heart, knowing that our side had only the slimmest of chances to pull it out. November 2008, a month and year that brought despair and depression to many. Truthfully, I don’t think we knew how bad it would be, but instinctively we knew that something “wicked this way comes.” A dark cloud settled on the nation.


Those aren’t dramatic words. The country soon learned what a Barack Obama presidency brought. We have endured one piece of legislation after another, and executive orders and czars to fill in wherever the president couldn’t quite push something or someone through the regular channels meant to provide checks and balances for overzealous branches of government. Democratic control of all three Federal branches of government enabled and ensured that the beginning of the transformation of America would commence. And it did. Progressive/Socialist policies have brought an explosion of debt to America for generations to come. Her economy is weakened, there is high unemployment with a longevity not seen before, and ultimately the Democrats initiated the final assault on Americans and their freedom by passage of the healthcare reform bill against our will. Everything the Democrat/Socialist/Progressives have done is to bring us to dependency on the government and the State. I’ll leave it for another day to discuss where such central planning and control takes us. But, out of all the things that President Obama and the Democrats set out to do, there were two results. One they hoped for, and the other they did not expect. They hoped for success in passing their legislation; yes, they did succeed and we cannot forget that. What they did not expect is the peoples’ response to their efforts to deprive the people of freedom and liberty. They did not expect the people to rise up and speak out. They thought they could fool the American people; after all, they are the political class/ruling class and know what is good for us.


What about this unexpected response by the American people? Who are we? What do we all have in common? We are Conservatives, Tea Party activists, Independents – bonded by our desire to pull our country back from the brink of disaster. Socialism would be a disaster; just look at the countries of Western Europe; look at Great Britain. 2009 and now 2010 have been about finding and supporting candidates that could help defeat and remove from the Halls of Congress those that would bring such destruction upon America and The Constitution. Primary elections have seen the defeat of establishment politicians from both sides of the aisle. We’ve all given time, talent and treasure. There is one thing left to do – vote.

The ballot we cast is as much against the Democrat/Socialist/Progressive agenda as it is for all that we love about our country and wish to see restored. Those ballots are much larger than any of us could have realized two years ago. Multiplied by millions, they give us a voice, a voice that won’t stop with November 2nd, 2010. It is a vote of such vastness it cannot be contained. First, let me tell you what we are voting against in November.

My vote is against President Obama/Pelosi/Reid and their Socialist/Progressive agenda.
My vote is against the Communists who have seeped their way into the public consciousness and walk about with an air of respectability.
My vote is against another Bart Stupak betrayal against the unborn.
My vote is against a government that would enslave the people to generations of debt.
My vote is against the narcissism and elitism of a political class that seeks to be rulers over free Americans.
My vote is against Liberalism’s revision of history and their takeover of our educational system.
My vote is against a mainstream media that is like a malignant tumor across this great land.
My vote is against the corruption of government and a bureaucracy that lacks common sense.
My vote is against those that would take my freedom as an individual and my birthright as an American.


Now, what casting that ballot on November 2nd means to me, and I believe, all of you.
This year I will be casting my vote with optimism and the knowledge that our work is not yet done.
My vote is for The Constitution. That extraordinary document written so long ago by our Founding Fathers to establish a nation that would be self-governing and the people free. It includes those “Inalienable Rights endowed by our Creator.”
My vote is for the individual to succeed in his own right, on his own merit.
My vote stands for families, for future generations. My vote stands for the unborn – that they may live.
My vote stands for the elderly, the sick and disabled – it stands for humanity and humility.
My vote stands for the oppressed – to show them America and how we are free.
My vote stands for freedom of religion, not from religion. I want to hear the church bells ring again.
My vote stands for a judiciary that supports the Constitution.
My vote stands for America and her awesomeness…her exceptionalism, her flag, her honor and her dignity.
My vote stands for her military – those who have died to keep her free, and those that die today that others may be free.
My vote stands with everyone else’s vote – for America – with love and pride in a nation that does not fail to open her hands and heart to the world.

Last, but not least, there is one very important vision that my vote stands for this November –
that someday we’ll be able to once again have someone in the White House who loves this nation, and her people. A country should have a president whose eyes gleam and who can speak with love for his people and his country. Someone like the President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, who believed in his people and their abilities, who spoke proudly of their fortitude, and had tears in his eyes when he met with the rescued Chilean miners. His people wrapped themselves as tight as they could in their flag, and he was one with them.


Yes, someday, I hope for a resident of the White House who genuinely believes in this country, the America we all know and love. Then we will no longer have the pictures that show a man acting with disdain and coldness towards his fellow Americans. You see, Mr. Obama, my vote November 2nd will be for a future for America, and not the one you have planned for her.
Yes, someday. And the first day is November 2nd.

Special thanks: Dave Poff (haystack) picture assist.


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