Bannon Ouster Imminent?

I miss Andrew Breitbart.

One of the things I miss is how he would tell me ahead of time about big stories that he was about to break. (Permit an old codger to reminisce a bit. It might even be relevant.)


He would tell me about something like, say, the Anthony Weiner story, or a big ACORN expose, the day before it broke. And he would let me tease stuff like that. I would rush to my computer and tap out some “speculation” about something I thought “might happen.” Then, riffing off an old Mickey Kaus saying from when he wrote the kausfiles blog, I would say: “Always trust content from Patterico.”

And the next day, it would come true. Man, those were the days.

Sorry. You caught me monologuing! Anyway, now that fun is all in the past — as is Andrew, God rest his soul — and the site is being run by Steve Bannon.

For now, that is.

I said this morning about Steve Bannon:

Ultimately, my guess is that if they [] want to remain financially viable, they’re going to have to ditch the guy [Bannon]. Sooner rather than later.

Sloppy Steve is gonna have to go. I’d be surprised if he lasts the day.

He’s still hanging on by his fingernails — which I assume are dirty, by the way. Just a guess. But let me tap out some speculation here.

Let’s look at what we know. Allahpundit from Hot Air told us two things last night: 1) the Breitbart board was publicly debating dumping Bannon, and 2) Rebekah Mercer was publicly distancing herself from Bannon . . . to the point where the Mercers even cut off money for Bannon’s security detail (!).


Rebekah Mercer’s opinion matters a lot. Remember, Robert Mercer sold his shares in Breitbart News to Rebekah in November. It’s reasonable to conclude that she has considerable say over management decisions.

And she mad.

What might happen next in a situation like that?

It does not take much imagination to conjure up the following scenario:

Rebekah Mercer calls up Larry Solov and perhaps one or more other members of the Breitbart board. She says to them: Either Bannon goes, or you do. Or the sweet, sweet money dries up.

And that’s a hard argument to resist.

I, for one, would not be at all surprised to see a story to that effect breaking in the next 24 hours or so.

Always trust content from Patterico!



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