Gateway Pundit Blogger Arrested at UConn Speech After Altercation

Protests of conservatives at college campuses have gotten out of control lately. But speakers should know better than to respond with violence. Such tactics are the province of the left, and should stay that way. Unfortunately, a Gateway Pundit reporter apparently has yet to learn that lesson. The Daily Beast reports:


Lucian Wintrich, a White House reporter for the far-right site Gateway Pundit, was arrested during a speech at the University of Connecticut on Tuesday evening after a physical altercation with a female attendee. Multiple videos of the event show Wintrich grabbing the woman from behind after she took his written notes from the podium during a pause in the event, which drew large protests.

Here is some of the video of the incident:

This angle shows the woman taking Wintrich’s notes:

Ben Shapiro, no stranger to violent disruptions and protests at his speeches, had these thoughts:

1. Stealing people’s notes is dumb and bad.

2. This is a NUTS response to someone stealing your notes.

Agreed and agreed. But a NUTS response is what you would expect from someone associated with that garbage Web site.



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