BREAKING: Trump Will Not Withdraw from Paris Climate Deal; UPDATE: Denied by White House

The pivot continues?

The Wall Street Journal is breaking the news.

Trump administration officials said Saturday the U.S. wouldn’t pull out of the Paris Agreement, offering to re-engage in the international deal to fight climate change, according to the European Union’s top energy official.

The shift from President Donald Trump’s decision in June to renegotiate the landmark accord or craft a new deal came during a meeting of more than 30 ministers led by Canada, China and the European Union in Montreal.


The official, European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete, says that the U.S. will “review the terms on which they could be engaged under this agreement.”

Since the source is an official from the European Union, and not the White House, take it for what it’s worth. No further details are immediately available, but we’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE: No sooner does the news break than it is denied:

UPDATE x2: So does the White House denial make this a complete non-story? Not necessary. Gabriel Malor:




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