"Client Copy": Did Donald Trump Leak That Tax Return to Maddow?

Here’s a screenshot of the Trump tax form that Rachel Maddow showed on her Big Scoop show tonight:


Wait. Look at that closer. What does it say on the second page there?

“Client copy”?


Yes. Client copy.

So. Either Donald Trump leaked this himself, or someone with a “client copy” did. Given that there appears to be nothing embarrassing about the return whatsoever, and the world is laughing at Maddow, my money’s on Trump being the leaker. It’s probably the most favorable return for his narrative in existence. So: he leaks it, hoping this will end the controversy for good — and change the subject from all this CBO/TrumpCare talk.

By the way, people seem to say Maddow was tricked somehow, but I am reliably informed that she said, several times, that Trump might have leaked this himself. (I wasn’t watching. My time is more valuable than that, thank you. I was making coconut curry shrimp instead. Yum!)

I like Norm MacDonald’s take (he is on fire tonight, you know):

Seems about right.



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