OOPS! NBC News Breathlessly Attributes to Neil Gorsuch Opinions Written by Someone Else

NBC News:

President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court has been vague about gay marriage and other issues important to the LGBTQ community, but back when he was an undergraduate at Columbia University he opposed military recruiting on campus precisely because it discriminated against gays and lesbians.

“It is an accepted fact that all four branches of the U.S. military discriminate against men and women based on their sexual preferences,” Neil Gorsuch wrote in an opinion piece for the Columbia Daily Spectator that was published in February 1987.

“This kind of discrimination just doesn’t fit in with Freedom of Opportunity and Democracy,” he wrote. “Plain and simple. Unless it’s prepared to hire applicants regardless of race, sex, class, religion, or sexual preference, the military should be denied the use of Columbia facilities to recruit.”

They tweeted it out, too:


Yeah, just one problem. Gorsuch isn’t the one who wrote that.

You can follow their link and see what I mean. In an editing error, when Gorsuch’s op-ed and an op-ed by one Jason C. Myers continued from page 6 on to page 9, the college newspaper put Gorsuch’s name above the continuation of Myers’s piece and vice-versa. If you read each piece from page 6 to page 9, this is patently obvious.

But it’s plain that reported Corky Siemaszko didn’t read the pieces, or he would have noticed that.

Ed Whelan has been whacking NBC over this:



We’ll see how long it takes them to figure it out — and how they handle it when they do.

If they whisk it away, or rewrite it without explaining what they did, I have saved the original NBC story here.

I don’t like using the term “fake news” to describe mistakes, even bad ones — but the longer they leave this up, the more fake it looks.


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