Trump Transition Team Now Admits Request for Trump Kids' Security Clearances, Blames on "Low-Level Staffer"

Let’s review the bidding, shall we? First CBS News reported yesterday, based on anonymous “sources,” that Trump had asked for security clearances for his kids. Then, an anonymous transition team official last night told reporters that the CBS News report was false, offering this bold and stirring denial: “That’s not something I’m expecting right now.”

Tonight, the Trump organization has spun on a dime, and now admits that security clearances were indeed requested for the Trump brood . . . but an anonymous “top aide” blames it on a low-level staffer:

The Trump transition team is saying that a low-level staffer requested security clearances for three of Donald Trump’s children, according to a top aide.

According to the aide, the request was made “without authorization” and the staffer, who is no longer with the team, “overstepped his boundaries.”

Sources say the request was not made by the president-elect.

I tend to agree with this assessment:

I will add that I am getting tired of all these stories being based on anonymous sources. There’s a lot of flippity floppity flopping going on and nobody is being named.


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