Trump Prevented HIS OWN CAMPAIGN from Vetting Him

A leftover from yesterday — but something to keep in mind when Trumpers tell you how great this guy is: he didn’t even let his campaign prepare for this onslaught. The Hill:


Donald Trump denied requests from his own presidential campaign to research his past, according to a new report.

Trump’s reluctance contributed to his team being largely unprepared for the fallout over his past treatment of women, Bloomberg Politics reported Thursday.

Corey Lewandowski argued the move, which is traditional for public figures seeking office, would help Trump’s team prepare for attacks on the Republican billionaire.

Trump denied Lewandowski a full vetting, however, before ultimately launching his White House run in June 2015.

It’s not that I think the crowd he surrounds himself with would be great at research — or, well, at anything. But this move of Trump’s is just indicative of his Nixonian mindset — in which he covers up all unfavorable information, lies about whatever comes out, and lays himself open to anyone who has a good oppo research team . . . and is motivated to do the necessary work.

And as we always knew, that group includes Hillary Clinton, and Big Media.

Big Media in the general election only, of course.



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