Et Tu, L.A. Times Daily Tracker?? Trump Down in Trumpiest of Trumpy Polls

Lately, when every poll has been showing Trump down, some by double digits, there was always Old Reliable: the L.A. Times daily tracker, which consistently has Trump up when everyone else has him down. (When I was covering the bias of the L.A. Times for years, I never imagined I would be saying that their poll consistently skews towards the Republican candidate!) Today, for the first time in a month, the poll has Hillary up, albeit barely:



With the national polls trashing Trump’s chances every day, I have been hearing denial from the pro-Trump crowd. The NBC/WSJ poll showing Hillary up by 9-11 points? Skewed sample and run by a Hillary guy! The Atlantic/PRRI poll showing Hillary up by 11 points? The astounding pro-Hillary numbers for women are not to be believed! My answer has been: perhaps. Let’s keep watching.

And so we are. And this . . . is not a good sign for the Trumpers.

For what it’s worth, there are several disastrous (for Trump) state polls dropping today. I’ll leave those for others to report in more detail. But for now, I’ll just say:

When you’ve lost the L.A. Times daily tracker . . .

UPDATE: The New York Times says this is the result of a single black voter not being in the sample. That makes this poll seem ever sillier than it already seemed. Now, if Trumpers can just come up with a way to dismiss the new polls from Utah, and Wisconsin, and Ohio…and the reports about the state of play in Georgia and Arizona…why then, Trump is home free!



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