Water Cooler 1/8/2017 - OPEN THREAD - Fake News Sources


Satire and parody sites are finding new popularity as progressives try to eliminate the current greatest threat to civilization. No, it’s not climate change. That’s so 2016. Even SMOD cannot compete with this new threat that could end the world by 2018. I’m of course talking about Fake News™.


Here are some sites where you’ll find articles that you’ll have to remind yourself that it’s parody, because in 2017, real life is just as likely to seem like satire.

Private Eye

Hacking Emails

News Biscuit

News Biscuit

Those are both English sites, so if you don’t get or like English Humor, you can always default to The Onion.

For Sports parody, try The Sports Pickle.

Sports Pickle

And finally, for Christian parody, there is none better than The Babylon Bee.

The Babylon Bee

Oh, I almost forgot the most important news of the day. A YUGE number of unnamed sources has told me that RedState will now be the official News Source for the United States in 2017. Get your official news here first!

OPEN THREAD! Have at it in the comments.


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