City of Lafayette (Boulder County) to Legalize Tantrums

The City Council in the Colorado city of Lafayette (DPRB) later this month will vote on a new ordinance legalizing civil disobedience and non-violent protests against fracking activity.

The provision to legalize non-violent direct action protests — such acts can include sit-ins, strikes, workplace occupations or blockades — would target drilling activity and allow protesters unprecedented immunity from arrest or detainment.

Grant Township in Pennsylvania last year passed a similar ordinance, which has yet to be legally challenged. Once again the communists in Boulder County know what’s best for you despite state Supreme Court rulings stating oil and gas regulations are a not a local matter. Councilwoman Merrily Mazza (yes, that’s her real name) says it’s time to revoke the state’s ability to govern,

“Now, we have to do what people in communities historically do when they come to grips with the failure of their own governments to help them,” Mazza said. “They have to revoke their consent to be governed and take steps to govern themselves; and that’s what we’re doing with this ordinance.”

Voters keep allowing these cities to spend their tax money in legal fights they know they will lose. I suppose that’s some conciliation that the money can’t be spent on other fool-hardy things. Fracking in Colorado has been a huge part of the economic recovery here. You’d think they’d just take their tax money and go on their Merrily way, but you know, “Climate Change”…

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