Water Cooler 9/25/2016 – OPEN THREAD - Debate Edition


Oh, but what could’ve been. The Commission on Limiting Presidential Debates continues its job in ensuring there will only be two Presidential candidates on stage, neither of whom is qualified for the job. Gary Johnson did not meet the 15% polling requirement so he was not invited to the first debate (nor his VP candidate for that debate). Basing the decision on polling for the debate is like basing your decision on having a fall picnic in Colorado on the weather report. Actually, the weather reports have lately proven to be more accurate.

Gary Johnson sat down on a park bench with a CNN reporter to discuss what might’ve been:

I don’t find this cringeworthy, I actually find it quite hysterical. Admit it; you always wanted to see a politician do this to a reporter. And he’s right actually, there are so many low information voters out there that a solid percentage of them don’t even know anyone besides Hillary and Donald (when is the last time you can remember both candidates frequently referred to by their first name?) are running.

He’s also correct that it wouldn’t matter what he said or did, his numbers would go up because people would finally know that he exists. Presidential elections are now little different from Survivor or American Idol. The big difference this year is we are only able to find villains. The good guy just isn’t there.

In honor of today’s Water Cooler, here’s a nice music video by Faultline.

That’s it for today’s water cooler. I need to get to my baseball games. — OPEN THREAD — Mingle amongst yourselves in the comments!

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